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On this multilingual website you can learn to speak the Slovak language easily, quickly and completely free. This portal contains language courses at different levels (A1 and A2) with many exercises, fun games, and dictionaries - everything you need familiarise yourself with Slovak grammar, learn new words, or even virtually interact with other users of this site. In addition, learn about Slovakia - a central European country with an interesting history, stunning landscapes, and numerous tourist attractions. Read more »

Discover Slovakia

Take a few moments to discover Slovakia, a picturesque country in the heart of Europe. Learn about the culture, history and mentality of the inhabitants of this wonderful tourist destination.

Learn Slovak

Learn Slovak quickly and easily in a modern, practical and fun way. Try our free online courses, language quizzes, exercises, and fun games.

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Meet and interact with other site users and increase your knowledge about Slovakia and the Slovak language.

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Milí používatelia, v súčasnosti prebieha dopĺňanie nových cvičení a vysvetliviek do kurzov 1 a 2 (úrovne A1, A2). V lekciách tak môžete naraziť na nové texty, ktoré zatiaľ neboli preložené. Usiluje... Read more »
1398707447|Y-m-d2014-04-28 successfully spreads all over the world - 15.000 registered users and new translations of the web portal into Hungarian and Russian are a clear evidence of it. Both language versions hav... Read more »
Bola pridaná španielska verzia našej stránky! Vďaka pomoci našich používateľov je od februára 2013 aj v španielčine a už aj španielsky hovoriaci sa môžu učiť po slovensky :) Stránka je v... Read more »
The web site has more than 5,000 registered users at the moment! We are obliged to you and proud of you, our users and fans! Read more »
1345548371|Y-m-d2012-08-21 is now available in Czech too! On August 26th, 1992, an agreement on the dissolution of Czechoslovakia was subscribed in the Tugendhat villa in Brno by prime ministers Václav Klaus and V... Read more »

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