Support us is free to use, but not free to run. Since 2009, specialists from various European countries have been working on the best multilingual web portal to teach Slovak, to make it possible for every interested person to learn Slovak in a modern and interactive manner. So far, it has helped more than a million users in the whole world and their number keeps growing. Because the second phase of the project was also financed by resources from the European Union, the partners are obligated to finance 25% from other sources. However, not all of them have succeeded in acquiring such a big sum to finish the project, but we are decided to keep maintaining this unique website and updating it in the future anyway.

Please support with the sum you want and help us save this portal that helps people in Slovakia and abroad learn our melodious language. Additionally, after every donation you make, a little sheep in Slovakia smiles. :)

You can contribute by PayBal or by a bank wire to the account of the project coordinator, Education@Internet.

Payments from Slovakia and from abroad:

Account name: EAI
IBAN: SK7552000000000008887398

Bank address:
OTP Banka Slovensko, a.s.
Nám SNP 212/4
958 01 Partizánske

When you send the money, please indicate as a remark: " - dar".