Some useful verbs

chcieť (to want)

Singular Plural
ja chcem
I want
my chceme
we want
ty chceš
you want (informal/singular)
vy chcete
you want (formal/plural)
on/ona/ono chce
he/she/it wants
oni/ony chcú
they want

môcť (can, to be able)

Singular Plural
ja môžem
I can
my môžeme
we can
ty môžeš
you can (informal/singular)
vy môžete
you can (formal/plural)
on/ona/ono môže
he/she/it can
oni/ony môžu
they can

mať (to have, should (to have an obligation to))

Singular Plural
ja mám
I have
my máme
we have
ty máš
you have (informal/singular)
vy máte
you have (formal/plural)
on/ona/ono má
he/she/it has
oni/ony majú
they have

musieť (must, to have to)

Singular Plural
ja musím
I must
my musíme
we must
ty musíš
you must (informal/singular)
vy musíte
you must (formal/plural)
on/ona/ono musí
he/she/it must
oni/ony musia
they must