Slovak is one of the Slavonic languages rich in inflexion (one word can have several forms that differ from each other by endings).

Words in Slovak are divided into ten parts of speech:


  1. Noun / substantive (lat. nomen substantivum)
  2. Adjective (lat. nomen adjectivum)
  3. Pronoun (lat. pronomen)
  4. Numeral (lat. numerale)
  5. Verb (lat. verbum)


  1. Adverb (lat. adverbium)
  2. Preposition (lat. praepositio)
  3. Conjunction (lat. conjunctio)
  4. Particle (lat. particula)
  5. Interjection (lat. interjectio)

Substantives, adjectives, pronouns and numerals are declined, verbs are conjugated. Some adverbs and adverbs can be compared (although adverbs are classified to uninflected parts of speech).